Pick the Murals: Walldogs in Keene


Public Invitation to “Pick the Murals” 

Where: At the Keene Walldogs Headquarters, 84 Main St., Keene

When: Friday evenings, September 28 and October 5, from 5-8pm

Attendees will be given 11 stickers to vote/place for the themes they prefer. There are 26 murals to choose from. Voters can place all 11 on one theme or on multiple themes.

Chosen murals themes that have already been selected are:

  • Jonathan Daniels
  • The Abenaki
  • The Railroad Industry of Keene

Other themes to be voted on include local artists and musicians, inspiring Keene citizens, local industries, the Keene White Socks, and the Keene Sentinel. With the exception of the Keene Sentinel, all of the themes were determined from events and figures dated before 1970. Click here for a full list of theme descriptions.

The goal of the Walldogs in Keene / Magical History Tour project is to create 15 beautiful, professionally-designed and painted murals that will grace walls in downtown Keene for the next 25-75 years. They will be painted during a four-day community festival June 20-23, 2019. Each mural will be in the style of historic advertising signage. The project supports city efforts to revitalize Keene’s downtown to attract tourists year-round, support businesses, and encourage Keene’s visual arts initiatives.

From Walldogs in Keene:

Over the next few weeks we will be posting information about the potential mural themes. Check back often to see who will be in the running! See a theme you love? Make sure to tag friends, family and community members to remind them to VOTE at the Pick The Murals event on 9/28 and 10/5!

How were these themes picked? The Magical History Tour team has been working with local historians and community members to develop a comprehensive list of events, business and figures that have helped to shape Keene’s history — only 15 themes can make the cut. Make sure your favorites make it on a mural!


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