Call for First Friday Offerings in Keene

Keene First Friday Art Hop Business Specials & Offerings Due September 21

1First Friday Art Hop is excited to announce our upcoming focus on the Keene downtown business district. This will include special events and partnerships offered in collaboration with First Friday that will enhance the downtown experience — especially leading into and during the holiday shopping season. In an effort to streamline our still all-volunteer event offering, we have changed the format a bit. We hope to make this easier on you and help us work toward including more businesses. Expect an information session in early October.

Please take a look at our attached spreadsheet. Send an email with any updates you would like me to include by this Friday, September 21. Moving forward, we will consider your registration ongoing and will request any additions be made to the spreadsheet by the 15th of the month. Know a business that you think would get involved? Send them our way!

Special offerings for October include – KALE!, the Harvest of the Month; Walldogs in Keene will host a public event in their event space; and we will have at least one additional pop up gallery.

Thank you for being a key partner in this event. Together, we are amazing!

Carolyn Sweet
Community Organizer
Keene First Friday Art Hop



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